Young Thunder's biography.

Tylen Fowlkes, better known as Young Thunder, was born March 21st in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he developed his passion for hip-hop at an early age. Putting his skills to the test, he has entered into various talent shows and showcases around the Midwest. Growing his base, he used street promotion as a way to get his music heard and recognized.

In the summer of 2006 after performing at a local talent show, Young Thunder was shot in the abdomen at an after-party. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he was faced with the struggle between life and death. Thankfully the surgery had a successful outcome, though there would be many more trials ahead, as not all damage could be repaired with one procedure alone. However, even after all the pain and suffering, and with the support of his family pushing him to stay focused, he was still determined to continue his music career. More motivated than ever before to show the world his skills and talent, Young Thunder took to his rehabilitation with pure optimism. As he sharpened his skills as a lyricist and performer, the next step was to lay down his material as a recording artist.

Young Thunder immediately went into the studio to work on his material with much enthusiasm. He is now working with different producers and sound engineers around the world. Getting further ahead in the music industry by the day, Young Thunder continues to make great things happen, always raising the bar to take his music career to the next level. Not just limited to the Midwest, he has traveled to many places such as Texas, California, Las Vegas, and much more to further his career. In 2014 Young Thunder nearly lost his left hand after being fatally injured in a car accident that could’ve not only taken his dominant hand but his life. With every obstacle standing in his way, he was determined to overcome each challenge and push to succeed. Over time his brand has grown through internet radio, magazines, and online platforms such as Worldstarhiphop and Vevo while building his company Street Philosophy LLC. Releasing his single “Living” from his album “Synced” he has been interviewed by Da Radio Show in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to perform his music live on several occasions.

Young Thunder is an Independent Rap Artist, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur with the ambition to work his way up in the business world and music industry. He proclaims the reason for coming up with the name “Young Thunder” is because he wants his voice to be heard just like a loud thunderstorm. His straightforward raps justify his name. It also represents the rain which symbolizes the struggle. But as a music artist, he says it not only represents the struggle but the good times as well. Just as life has its ups and downs, the name of Thunder represents the need to be heard, and that there will be struggles along the way, or in this case rain, but soon after there will be light, celebration, and success.