Hacked Facebook Account

We our here to inform you that the official Facebook page for Young Thunder has been hacked. Let us help by informing you to not interact with the page at this time. Watch the video below to learn how to avoid this from happening to you.

New Album Coming Soon!

Young Thunder is dropping his new album titled “Life is a Gamble.” Being faced with obstacles in life under the wrong circumstances could make you feel trapped. Developing good habits and making changes in your life all come from your ability to take chances, in other words rolling the dice. This new album is dropping in late 2023.

Young Thunder “A Karma Story” Featuring Natalie Marie Paez Prod. By The Dream Beats

Karma is often described as spiritual, mental, and physical energy and is defined as a cause and effect of a person’s previous actions, good or bad. Karma is apart of Buddhism and Hinduism religion, but it has spread its influence through society. In this story, Karma is more devious than ever. One story talks about a struggling college student whose life turns upside down due to being in outstanding debt and unable to pay the bills. The second tale is about a relationship that has gone wrong. Take a listen […]